Included in the MRE meal package contains a kit that should have condiments, utensils, napkin and a flameless ration heater. The latter of which is used to help heat the MRE. Many people want to know what the flameless ration heater is and quite simply it can be explained as a bag that has inside a magnesium packet which can be found at the bottom. The package is activated with 30ml of any kind of water. This is the standard MRE, as with other companies you can find different types of heaters that use varying methods to heat up the meals.

The MREs last a long time because they are packaged in a highly durable pouch made to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. They are impact-resistant, water-proof, air-droppable up to 100 feet, and hermetically sealed which keeps out pests and anything else that would contaminate the food rendering it ineffective.

Many people use MREs at home during emergencies and when they go on camping trips. They indeed are a hot-cooked meal that is ready to eat, so no matter where you go there is always food that you can warm up and fill your belly.

With so many different companies today making MREs, shop around to see which ones have the best reviews. Usually, companies that are big on the outdoors, camping and also ones that have contracts with the U.S. military provide good quality meals that are ready to eat.